Grantepreneur(TM): Getting Started in a Grant Career and Business by Katherine F.H. Heart, GPC, M.Ed. (Red Engine Press, 2016) will help you to explore whether your skills and passion for making a difference may lead to a role in the growing grants profession. Get topics, tips and tools for success. Find out how to get involved. 

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About the Book 

Grantepreneur(TM) is the first full-blown grant career guide to offer similar topics as career books for other professions. This book assumes no prior knowledge, and provides a basic introduction to the World of Grants. You will discover your cause, and explore how to get started on a path to new career and business opportunities that enable you to make a difference in your community. Award (2).jpg


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Grantepreneur(TM) is a workbook! The many exercises will help you to answer personal and professional questions, assess your lifestyle and skills for this career, organize your networking plan, build a resume and portfolio, ask the right questions at interviews, give you "insider strategies" on start-up freelancing, and more. 

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"Grantepreneur(TM) is a unique book that I will reference for many years to come. When individuals ask me about getting involved in philanthropy, this is undoubtedly the number one resource I will recommend. Well written. Easy to follow. And so very,very practical."

     ~ Cynthia M. Adams, CEO,, Inc. and Member Women in Philanthropy

"Grantepreneur(TM) is a new and refreshingly encouraging book, a must buy for anyone who has dreamed of getting started in a grant career and business! The author, a highly regarded colleague and leader in the grants industry, and written a book that drills down to Basic Grants 101 information, incorporating how we can discover our cause and provide grant services in our communities. There are so many relevant pointers and resources, that I wholeheartedly recommend this book for anyone considering becoming a grant consultant, and for educators teaching others about grants and how to make your way in the industry. I especially liked the chapter on Making Meaning and Money as a Grant Professional. Grantepreneur(TM) will be a recommended reference for my online students because it fully answers all of the questions that I'm asked on a daily basis. Bravo and gratitude to Katherine for writing this book and guiding the way!"  

     ~ Dr. Beverly Browning, CSPF, Author of Grant Writing for Dummies and Perfect Phrases for Writing Grant Proposals, Online Instructor, Workshop Presenter, Coach and Motivational Speaker at

"Grantepreneur(TM) is a clear, supportive guide for those considering a career in grant proposal development. Katherine Heart defines the work of grants professional then leads you through a series of self-assessment and planning steps to help you achieve both personal satisfaction and career success."

     ~ Barbara Floersch, Executive Director, The Grantsmanship Center and Author of Grantsmanship: Program Planning and Proposal Writing

"Grantepreneur(TM) is a combination of business planning guide, life decision tool and workbook that leads you through the process of deciding about grant writing as a career. It's thoughtful and action oriented, asking philosophical, practical and financial questions and helping you answer them for your individual situation. I'll definitely recommend this book to people who come to me for career advice."

     ~ Michael Wells, GPC, CFRE, Author of Strategic Grantseeking, Understanding Nonprofit Finances and Successful Program Evaluation; Past Board Member of Grant Professionals Association and Grant Professionals Certification Institute; Owner (Retired) Grants Northwest

"I was immediately drawn to this book, not only because of the cool title, but as a result of my love for the grant profession and the business of grants. The draw did not disappoint! The author effortlessly communicates well in both the acronym filled grant-speak world and in the language of business! The book is a practical guide giving readers tangible tools, career instruction, and a business road map success." 

     ~ Danny W. Blitch, MPA, GPC, Organizing Editor and Co-Author of Prepare for the GPC Exam: Earn Your Grant Professional Certified Credential

"In Grantepreneur(TM), Katherine F.H. Heart offers a wealth of valuable information, comprehensive resources and unique insights into the World of Grants. As an expert in grant consulting and proposal writing, Heart offers a realistic and encouraging overview of what it takes to channel passion and talent into a career that promotes critical social causes. Grantepreneur(TM) is a must read for anyone considering a new grant career or business as well as seasoned grant professionals who desire to advance to higher levels of success."

     ~ Rosemary Hanrahan, M.D., M.P.H., Author of When Dreams Touch and Nonprofit Coach, Consultant, Grant Writer and Storyteller at

"As a Development Consultant and Capacity Building Coach, volunteers often ask for my advice on how to identify potential funders and write a grant proposal. I look forward to recommending this book to them and am hopeful it will lead to more efficient use of resources and additional funding for essential causes in Illinois and across the country."

     ~ Gayle L. Nelson, Esq., Contributor to NPQ Newswire, Author of Your Fellow Board Member Blog and a Commissioner of the Illinois State Commission for the Elimination of Poverty  

Katherine F.H. Heart, GPC, M.Ed., GPA Approved Trainer

Katherine F.H. Heart, GPC, M.Ed., GPA Approved Trainer



What is a Grant? • Who Gives Grants? • Who Can Receive Grants? •  What is the Grant Writer’s Role? • What Exactly Do Grant Writers Write? • My Favorite Grant Proposal • How Grants Made a Difference  • What are the Working Conditions for Grant Writers?

Your Life Experience • Your Writing Skills • Considering Multiple Interests • Rate Your Interests • Grant Writing for My Cause

Career Opportunities • Defining Success • Meaning and Motivation • Realizing the Meaningful Aspects of Grant Writing • Making Money • Competency and Salary Continuum • Job Growth Outlook • Grant Writing as an Encore Career

Personal Attributes • Attributes Exercise • Knowledge and Skill Requirements • Job Description: Grant Writer • Learning Curve for Developing Grant Proposal Writing Competency • Grant Training • Supervised Practice • Gaining Experience •  Avoiding Grant Schemes and Scams • Inside a Grant Scam • Ethical Grantsmanship

Getting Ready to Take Action • Grant Career Action Plan-10 Steps to Hire • Grant Career Action Plan Checklist • Step 1: Brush-Up Your Writing Skills • Step 2: Assess Your Lifestyle • Step 3: Organize a Home Office • Step 4: Build a Network in Your Community • Step 5: Learn about Grant Seeking and Proposal Writing • Step 6: Find a Mentor and Write a Grant Proposal • Step 7: Join a Group for Grant Professionals • Step 8: Develop a Resume and Portfolio for Grants • Step 9: Cultivate Grant Jobs • Step 10: Sell Your Grant-Related Skills at Interviews to Get Hired (and Re-Hired)

Finding Grant Career and Business Success • Benefits of a Grant Business • Grantepreneur(TM) Strategies for Start-Up Freelancers • The Final Ingredient for a Successful Grant Career and Business

RESOURCES: Finding Nonprofit Organizations • Nonprofit Careers • Fundraising and Philanthropy • General Writing Skills • Grant Writing Books • Grant Consulting and Business • Grant Training • National Grant Associations


"I am a Grantepreneur(TM) - a grant professional who uses entrepreneurial skills to improve grant performance and advance my cause, community and career/business." 

— Katherine F.H. Heart, GPC, M.Ed. (INTRO and page 93)


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